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Radar antennas for the automotive industry

The focus was on cost-effective development and highly automated production of the entire process, including upstream and downstream processes.

In the preliminary study, we focused on the manufacturing costs, as we are in the automotive sector with this customer and the product to be developed.

The project included the following work packages:

  1. Feasibility analysis as well as market study

  2. Process engineering support with the conventional injection moulding process

  3. Conception of injection mould 8+8, consisting of an "upper part" and a "lower part

  4. Conception for a multifunctional removal as well as deposit and container

  5. Camera inspection - zero defect

  6. Layout conception of the tray circulation system incl. implementation

Several concept variants were created for this project incl. feasibility analysis in order to present several options to the customer.

All supplier evaluations and acceptances were carried out by Renda Engineering GmbH and recorded for the customer.

After the successful launch of the product, all suppliers were handed over to the client.

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