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As a competent consultant to the plastics industry, we help your company achieve maximum success in times of restructuring and technology offensive.


The market of the plastics industry demands a greater focus on sustainability, secure delivery performance, new technologies and readiness for innovation.


Due to the increased demands in the global market, all companies in the plastics industry have to react with restructuring measures, strategy adjustments, as well as competence assurance and expansion.


Due to the renewals, demand situations arise in which an external partner brings advantages. As an experienced consultant, we have a neutral view of the company and, thanks to our industry expertise, we can directly address key issues that will further drive the company's success.

Managed Services, Unternehmensstrategie, Marktanalyse, Workshops, Wettbewerberanalyse
  • Corporate strategy

  • Market analysis

  • Workshops

  • Competitor analysis

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