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R&D project for the industry

The success of a new product stands and falls with the layout and functional design. Customers often approach us with a rudimentary sketch, which is then changed several times until the design is suitable for plastic. We see one of the greatest potentials in this early phase.

Our operational background enables us to recognise trends in questions of manufacturability, feasibility or quality at an early stage and to incorporate them into the project. We were allowed to carry out the following work packages as external project managers for a customer from industry:

  • Plastics-compatible component design incl. assembly construction

  • Raw material evaluation under consideration of the requirement criteria

  • Feasibility analysis

  • Sampling and process engineering management

  • Conceptual design of the entire production process incl. packaging concept

  • Acceptance for suitability for series production

In the preliminary study, we worked out possible concepts for implementation and formulated a recommendation for the variant we proposed. In this way, the customer can decide for himself from a variety of different processes with the corresponding advantages and disadvantages.

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