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Feasibility analysis for the watch industry

Our client pursued the goal of increasing competitiveness in Switzerland with a metal replacement project. Although engineering plastics are often more expensive than metals, they offer advantages such as lower manufacturing costs, longer service life and extended design freedom for product development.

As we at Renda Engineering GmbH live the vision of securing employers and their innovation, development and production locations, we also focus on a partner network of companies operating in Switzerland.

This leads to reduced operating costs and opens up new potential for the densely populated watch market. In this context, high-performance plastics in combination with "Micro Injection Moulding" are particularly interesting.

Our project with a renowned Swiss watch manufacturer included the following work packages:

  • Concept + feasibility analysis for a change from conventional injection moulding to micro injection moulding.

  • Development of 2 components with high complexity (part volume 0.014 ccm)

  • High flatness requirements

  • Conception and sampling of a micro injection mould 4-fold

  • Evaluation and realisation of a precision demoulding device

  • Quality control with integrated camera system (Zero-Defect)

Renda Engineering GmbH was appointed as external project manager for the entire project. With our close-meshed network of various players in the Swiss plastics industry, it was possible for us to create all the necessary concepts from the raw material supplier, to the tool manufacturer, to the automation partner and to implement these with the corresponding partners on site.

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